My work
Hi - Buon giorno - Привет - 你好!

My name is Janna Lipenkova. I hold a Master in Chinese Studies and Economics, a PhD in Computational Linguistics and speak seven languages. After several years of work in AI and NLP in both academia and industry, I started my own analytics business. I am currently leading two exciting companies - Anacode and Equintel. Both use Artificial Intelligence to deliver cutting-edge business intelligence and guide our clients towards smarter decisions, strategy and execution. I am also writing a book about building great products with AI, which will soon be published with Manning Publications.

I know from experience that the path to successful AI deployment is as challenging as it is fascinating. One of the things I enjoy most is sharing this experience with others. In this blog, I condense and share my learnings from a large variety of projects and first-mover initiatives in business intelligence. Below, you can also find a list of my recent presentations and articles.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project or AI content with me!
Presentations and workshops

      Academic publications
        • With Guang Lu, Martin Businger, Christian Dollfus, Thomas Wozniak, Matthes Fleck, Timo Heroth and Irina Lock (2022): Agenda-Setting for COVID-19: A Study of Large-Scale Economic News Coverage Using Natural Language Processing. In International Journal of Data Science and Analytics.
        • With Timo Heroth (2022): Using unstructured data to analyze unstructured ESG assets - An exploration of Human Capital. In Proceedings of IInd Economy for the Common Good Conference.
        • With Guang Lu, Christian Dollfus, David Schreiber, Thomas Wozniak, Vinzenz Rast, Matthes Fleck (2021): Corporate culture explained by mission and vision statements using Natural Language Processing. In Proceedings of 8th Swiss Conference on Data Science.
        • With Aaron Baur, Julian Bühler, Markus Bick (2015):A Novel Design Science Approach for Integrating Chinese User-Generated Content in Non-Chinese Market Intelligence. In Proceedings of ICIS 2015.
        • 2015. A system for fine-grained sentiment analysis of Chinese. In Proceedings of ACL 2015 (demo track).
        • 2015. The Syntax-Semantics Interface in the Chinese ba-construction. PhD Thesis, Berlin: Freie Universität.
        • (with Milan Soucek) 2014. Converting Russian Dependency Treebank to Stanford Dependencies, in: Proceedings of EACL 2014.
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